Google blow to Microsoft: Indian government ChatGPT Free use

indian ai chatgpt

New Delhi. A big announcement has been made by the Government of India regarding ChatGPT, due to which companies like Google and Microsoft can get a big blow. In fact, Union Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has announced that he is bringing India’s own Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI chatbot, which will be an AI chatbot exactly like ChatGPT. However, he said that Indians will have to wait for a few weeks for this.

No one company will rule

Let us tell you that till now one or two companies used to rule the search and streaming services in a market like India. In this, the names of giant tech companies like Google and Mircrosoft come to the fore. But now the Government of India is not in the mood to arbitrarily ruin any one or two companies in the Tech World. In such a situation, the government has started trying to get Indian participation in tools like ChatGPT from the very beginning. In view of this, the government is bringing its own tool like ChatGPT.

what would be the advantage

If competition remains intact in the AI ​​chatbot market, companies will be challenged to provide service at an affordable price. In such a situation, the price will remain under control. The same Indian version AI Chatbot is expected to be made available for free.

google blow to microsoft

ChatGPT from Microsoft and Google Bard AI chatbot tool has been launched by Google. Both the companies have invested heavily in this. Paid and free tools have been made available by these companies. It is estimated that by the year 2030, the global chatbot market will be around $3.99 billion. In such a situation, India does not want to allow one or two companies to become monopoly in this sector.

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